Upcoming indie documentary about overcoming pain, finding others doing the same, on the Camino de Santiago


“Road to Muxia” is an upcoming, independent documentary film about one broken man’s search for closure on the Camino de Santiago, a sacred, 480-mile trek through the French Pyrenees Mountains and across Spain that pilgrims have walked for over 1,500 years in search of meaning and healing.  

On Tuesday, June 4, “Road to Muxia” launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $83,000 in 60 days to push the film from post-production to screen.

Co-produced by Bolivian feature film director Jonatán Fernández and his cousin Mark Joseph Peredo, who is the subject of the documentary, “Road to Muxia” is the story of how Mark, devastated by the loss of his father and injuries sustained in a near-fatal car wreck, sets off along the Camino in 2016 with his father’s ashes and hopes of finding closure for old, familial wounds. The journey ends on the mystical shores of Muxia, a seaside Spanish town — one of the final Camino stops.

In “Road to Muxia,” Mark, an Indiana native, is joined on his journey by other pilgrims, or peregrinos, and he learns that he’s not the only one walking the Camino in search of clarity or hope — nor is he the only one carrying the ashes or personal effects of loved ones.

“‘Road to Muxia’ is a documentary about people walking in a devoted way for someone” said Mark. “It’s about people dealing with loss, death, changes in their lives and their search for hope on the Camino of Santiago.”

Mark originally set off on the Camino accompanied by his filmmaker cousin as a way to memorialize the event for himself. As Jonatán began interviewing other pilgrims, the two realized that many were going throug

h the same thing Mark was — and that there was a story worth sharing. After two years of work, “Road to Muxia” is in the final stages of filming and is beginning post-production for a November release date. All that’s needed now is funding.

On June 8, Mark, along with several other Facebook and Instagram travel and fitness influencers, including Elizabeth Bracero and Amy Chilson, embark on the Camino once again for a four-day trip. This time, they’ll be carrying with them letters from people across the globe who would like to walk the Camino for their loved ones but cannot.  

 To check out the Kickstarter for “Road to Muxia,” go here. Visit muxiafilm.com to learn more about the movie and get photos for publication. More information is also available on the documentary’s Facebook page. Mark can be reached remotely for interviews through the provided media contacts.

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